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What all You Will Get in 35+ Modules?

✓ Why You Should Learn From Me (My Journey)
✓ Start With Proper Mindset
✓ Start with WHY
✓ How To Build Your Trading Career Using “Zero to Hero Program”

✓ What is Stock Market
✓ Different Entities
✓ About IPO, Primary & Secondary Market
✓ What is NSE & BSE
✓ What is Spot & Future Market
✓ Bullish, Bearish, Long & Short Terminology

✓ MIS & CNC Order types
✓ Limit, Market, SL & SLM Order types
✓ Cover & Bracket Order types
✓ IOC, Day, Time – Validity of Order
✓ GTT Orders
✓ Zerodha-Practical order placement
✓ Alice Blue- Practical order placement
✓ Angle one Order placement
✓ Fyers – Order placement

✓ How to Operate TradingVeiw
✓ Which TradingView Version to Buy
✓ Should we Use Any Broker’s Charts or TradingView Charts?
✓ How to Remove Label Background
✓ FIB Settings For FTF Strategy (Watch this Video after Understanding FTF Strategy)

✓ Two Ways to Earn
✓ Purpose of Trade
✓ Technical vs Fundamental
✓ Fundamental Analysis
✓ Why you should not use Fundamentals
✓ Glimpse of Indicators
✓ Candlestick Chart
✓ How to Read Candles
✓ Fiiled & Un-Filled Orders
✓ Volume

✓ Price Movements
✓ Price Action
✓ Retracement
✓ Dow’s Theory
✓ Candlestick Chart
✓ Support & Resistance – Theory
✓ Support & Resistance – Practical

✓  All About Trendline
✓ Triangle Pattern - Theory 
✓ Trendline & Triangle Pattern - Practical 
✓ Channel Pattern 
✓ Rectangle Formation 
✓ Double Top & Double Bottom 
✓ Triple Top & Triple Bottom 
✓ Head & Shoulder 
✓ Flag & Pole Pattern 
✓ All Chart Pattern- Practical

✓ Filled & Unfilled Orders
✓ Price Movements
✓ Supply & Demand Zone Concept
✓ Novice Trader’s Mistakes
✓ Demand & Supply Zone Formation & Trade Action
✓ Base Candles
✓ Leg Candles
✓ Supply & Demand Zone – Location & Action
✓ Advantages of Using Supply & Demand Zone
✓ How to Plot a Zone
✓ Three Components of a Zone
✓ Invisible Candles
✓ Invisible Candle Practical
✓ Terminology
✓ Steps to Identify Demand Zone & Trade of Demand Zone
✓ Proximal & Distal Lines – Demand Zone
✓ Steps to Identify Supply Zone, Proximal & Distal Lines of Supply Zone
✓ Demand & Supply Zone – Drawing Practical
✓ Difference Between Support – Resistance & Demand – Supply
✓ General Queries

✓ Market Players
✓ Difference Between Novice & Professional Trader
✓ 5 Outputs of Every Trade
✓ Institution’s Report
✓ Risk Management & Money Management
✓ Success & Reward Ratio
✓ Combination of RM,MM & RR (part 1)
✓ Combination of RM,MM & RR (Part 2)
✓ How to Control Emotions                  ✓ 5 Step Process Before Taking any Trade

✓ Inside candle
✓ What is Breakout & False Breakout
✓ How to Identify False & PowerFul Breakout
✓ Time Frames for Breakout Strategy
✓ Breakout Strategy – Theory
✓ Time Frames for Breakout Strategies(PDF)
✓ Checklist of break strategy (PDF)

✓ Rules & Probability Enhancers of Breakout Strategy
✓ Probability Enhancers of Chart Patterns
✓ Checklist of Breakout Strategy (PDF)

✓ Trendline Breakout – Practical in Indian Stock Market
✓ Trendline Breakout – Practical in Forex, Commodity Market
✓ Breakout Strategy – Practical
✓ Practicals of Probability Enhancers
✓ How to Trade When Breakout Candle is too Big
✓ How to Place an Alert on Trendline
✓ Breakout – Queries

✓ Chart Time Frames
✓ Revision Till Now Before Starting Strategy
✓ 7 Steps Trading Process
✓ Identify Retail & Wholesale Areas
✓ Identify a Quality Level of Demand & Supply Zone & Check Zone Location in ITF
✓ Identify Trend in ITF
✓ Decision Matrix
✓ Probability Enhancers Scoring – Theory
✓ Probability Enhancers Scoring – Practical
✓ S.E.T.S
✓ Trade Planning Process (PDF)
✓ Recommended Chart Time Frames (PDF)
✓ Time Frames For Forex, Commodity Market
✓ How to Plan Trade in 90 Secs
✓ 1hr or 2hr instead of 75 min and 125 min
✓ Freshness Scoring (When to give 2 Marks, 1 Mark or 0 Mark)

✓ Level on Level
✓ Additional Probability Enhancer
✓ Extended Moves
✓ Top Secret Concept
✓ Controlling Zones
✓ When EMA 20 Extended is Fine

✓ Logic of Demand Zone & Supply Zone
✓ Logic of 6 Base Candles
✓ Logic of Institutions Un-Filled Orders
✓ How Institutions take Trading Decisions
✓ Logic of Trading at Leg Out Candle
✓ Logic of 2-4 Base Candle are Powerful
✓ Logic of Zones in Different Time Frames

✓ HIT – Practical in Indian Stock Market
✓ DIT – Practical in Indian Stock Market
✓ WIT – Practical in Indian Stock Market
✓ MIT – Practical in Indian Stock Market
✓ Time Frames For Forex, Commodity Market
✓ HIT – Practical in Forex Market
✓ DIT – Practical in Forex Market
✓ WIT – Practical in Forex Market
✓ HIT – Practical in Commodity Market
✓ MIT – Practical in Forex Market
✓ DIT – Practical in Commodity Market
✓ WIT – Practical in Commodity Market
✓ FTF – General Queries
✓ 7 Step Process Short Cut Practical (INFY)
✓ Level on Level Practical (Indus Tower)

✓ About Pro Gap
✓ Rules of Pro Gap Strategy
✓ Checklist for Pro-Gap (PDF)
✓ Pro-Gap Scanners (PDF)

✓ Probability Enhancers of Pro-Gap Strategy
✓ Checklist for Pro-Gap (PDF)

✓ Practicals of Pro-Gap Strategy
✓ How to Build Your Own Scanner
✓ Pro Gaps Scanners (PDF)

✓ About EMA 8/20 Strategy
✓ Rules of EMA 8/20 Strategy
✓ EMA 8 & 20 Scanners (PDF)

✓ Practicals of EMA 8/20 Strategy
✓ How to Build Your Own Scanner
✓ EMA 8 & 20 Scanners (PDF)

✓ Top Down Approach – Theory
✓ Top Down Approach – Practicals in Indian Stock Market
✓ Top Down Approach – Practicals in Forex, Commodity Market & Cryptocurrenices
✓ Top Down Approach Rule Template (PDF)
✓ Top Down Approach Table (PDF)

✓ Dow’s Theory (Major Pivots v/s Minor Pivots)
✓ Importance of Timings in Stock Market
✓ Engulfing Pattern
✓ Distance & Time of Price Before Breakout

✓ Dow’s Theory (Major Pivots v/s Minor Pivots)
✓ Importance of Timings in Stock Market
✓ Engulfing Pattern
✓ Distance & Time of Price Before Breakout

✓ Success Laws are Applicable Everywhere
✓ Start Your Journey Practically
✓ Build the Ultimate Skills of Trading
✓ Build Basic Skills with Minimum Capital

✓ Build your Confirdence in Trading

✓ About Futures
✓ How to Trade in Futures
✓ Option’s Basics
✓ European Style & American Style Expiry
✓ Basic Terms with Examples
✓ Trading Decision based on View Point
✓ How to do Trading in Option Buying
✓ Pre-Decided SL Points

✓ How to Trade in the Forex Market
✓ Which Strategies to use for Trading in the Forex Market
✓ Best Timings to Trade in the Forex Market
✓ Which Broker to choose for Trading in the Forex Market
✓ Is Forex trading legal in India

✓ How to Trade in CryptoCurrencies
✓ Which Strategies to use for Trading in CryptoCurrencies
✓ Which Broker to choose for Trading in Crypto Currency

✓ How to Trade in Commodity Market
✓ Which Strategies to use for Trading in Commodity Market
✓ Which Broker to choose for Trading in Commodity Market
✓ What are the Timings of the Commodity Market

✓ How much Income tax you have to pay on Trading

✓ Live Market Chart Reading Session
✓ Offline Market Chart Reading session

✓ Target Price and Position Size Calulator…(PDF)
✓ Trading Journal Sheet (12 Months Tracker…(PDF)
✓ Stock List (PDF)
✓ Course Certificate (PDF)

About Your Mentor

Ravi Chandiramani

He is a name synonym to success, crazy and passionate about numbers & Stock market. His practical approach and in-depth analysis over the last 5 years of trading have made him a successful one today.

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Trained over Students
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Strong Community

Personal Note from Ravi Chandiramani

I started my Trading Journey in the Year 2016 seeing profit of my friend, I opened my First Demat Account in Angel One (Previously it was Angel Broking). I started Trading using my Friend’s Suggestions, I made small profits few days but lost entire capital due to some big losses in next few days.

Then I got trapped by some Call Providers, I lost so much that I was in debt. To recover those losses and to be Debt Free, I started learning from YouTube, I came to know some indicators, I took some more debt and tried multiple Indicators, but again I Lost…

I was little tensed here, then I saw some Price Action videos on YouTube, I thought finally I got the knowledge that I wanted to, I took more debt to recover losses and I LOST AGAIN…

Finally, I started learning from My Mentor, his first sentence to me was

“Biggest reason 95% people losses in the market is because they try to compete with Institutions rather than following them”.

I was shocked with his First Statement and I started learning from him, he introduced me with “Super Advanced Price Action Concepts i.e Institution’s Buying and Selling Zones” wherein we can understand upfront that from where the Institution’s Can Buy or Sell.

However, he said that learning just Super Advanced Price Action Concepts are not enough to become a Profitable Professional Trader, so he suggested me some books and I started reading those books. This is just the beginning of my never-ending learning process.

I started Reading More and More Books related to the topics what were logical to directly or indirectly following Institutions (Because of Mentor’s First Sentence to me “Biggest reason 95% people losses in the market is because they try to compete with Institutions rather than following them”). I read more than 100 Books, and now I am a Profitable Trader since year 2019

My Life was settled and I was enjoying my Trading career, however after covid I realized that I should spread this knowledge with as many people as I can. This is How Trade Legend Started on 9th May 2021.

Final Message from my Side

Trading is the Best Career Option in today’s world, But this is not a Quick Rich Scheme, it Is a Pure Business that is possible only if you develop Trading Skills” BECAUSE “SKILLS KA HI PAISA HAI”. One can build Trading Skills with the help of my “ZERO TO HERO PROGRAM”
I Can Guarantee that if you follow each and every learning that is given in the Zero to Hero Program, you will be a Profitable Professional Trader within 3 to 5 Months after understanding complete Zero to Hero Program.

Lots of our Enrolled Members have got the results, till now I see there messages, video testimonials, etc it gives me more motivation that I should spread this knowledge to as many people as I can.
Not Only This, Recently I visited few cities to meet my Enrolled Members,
See how they are meeting me:

MENTEES RESULTS MOTIVATES ME MOREEEE….. Have a Look at some of the Results….

Seeing this today, still it gives me goosebumps, because the person who
have Enrolled ‘Zero to Hero Program’ and have put efforts to practically
implement the same, have actually got Results…

What are Zero To Here Program Students Saying...

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Zero to Hero Program: Covers all the strategies & trading types to confidently trade in any market. This course is designed for Beginners to Professionals (Step by Step Guidance)

Just one Program: For you to become a successful trader

Zero to Hero Program Strategies Applicable in Stock Market, Commodity Market, Forex Market & Crypto Currencies. You can apply these strategies in Intraday and Swing Trading Also. You can also trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty Futures and Options, Index & Derivatives.

Access to Video Lectures will be given over App and on the Web/Desktop Portal

You will get 60 hours of the Course content which includes 200+ Video Lectures (Available in Both Languages: Hindi & English)

you will get 35 Modules and click here to check out course content of the same 

No, You can trade simply with your Smartphone.

You will get a Total of 50+ Live Sessions: [25+ Live Market & 25+ Offline Chart Reading Sessions till 31st May 2024]

– We have 25+ Live Market Chart Reading sessions – wherein we teach you how to identify trading opportunities in a live market

– We have 25+ Offline Chart Reading Sessions – wherein we teach you how to plan trade (One Day in advance)

Live classes would happen weekly once

25+ Offline Market Chart Reading Sessions – 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

– 25+ Live Market Chart Reading Session – 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Yes, scheduled has been shared with you above click here to check out

Each live training replay is added inside the course panel. You can watch any training as many times as you wish. 

All your Concerns/Doubts/Queries related to the Course syllabus will be answered by Ravi Sir over a Special EMAIL ID (Which will be shared with you after the enrolment of the Program) 

 The scanner will give you shortlisted stocks in which there are opportunities.

App Chat – for Daily Analysis Video and Market Movement Update | FB Group – Access to weekly assignments

Yes, Absolutely this Program covers Risk Management, Emotion management & Money Management also.

Login in Web > go to store > click on Content to view the lecture videos.

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yes, the Offline Download option is available on APP. You can download the video and watch it later.

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