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Using the 7-Step Process of Intraday Trading.

You can start with a Capital of Just ₹10,000.


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Stock Market Basics

(For Beginners)

Price Action Concepts

(With Logics & Probability Enhancers)

7-Step Process of Intraday Trading

(With Practicals)

How to Earn
₹ 1,00,000/- Per Month from Intraday Trading

(Exact Calculations)

Practical Key Learning Points Discussed

(During Trade Planning Sessions)

Total Value: ₹ 32,000/-

Limited Period Offer
₹ 7997 (Inclusive of Taxes)



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When you learn from

When you learn from



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About our Mentor

Ravi Chandiramani

He is synonymous with success, crazy and passionate about numbers & the Stock market. His practical approach and in-depth analysis over the last 7 years of trading have made him successful today.

Ravi took his guidance from an "International Mentor" & read almost 100+ trading books which helped him through his journey.

Thought Behind, Becoming a Trainer

I started my Trading Journey in the Year 2016 after seeing the profits of my friend, I opened my First Demat Account with Angel One (Previously it was Angel Broking). Initially, I traded based on Friend’s Suggestions, I made small profits in the few days but lost my entire capital due to some big losses in the next few days.

Then I got trapped by some Call Providers, I lost so much that I was in debt. To recover those losses and to be Debt Free, I started learning from YouTube, I came to know some indicators, I took some more debt and tried multiple Indicators, but again I Lost…

I was a little tense here. Then I saw some Price Action videos on YouTube. I thought finally I got the knowledge that I wanted to, I took more debt to recover losses and I LOST AGAIN…

Finally, I started learning from My Mentor. His first sentence to me was “The Biggest reason 95% of people lose in the market is because they try to compete with Institutions rather than following them”.

I was shocked by his First Statement and I started learning from him, he introduced me to “Super Advanced Price Action Concepts i.e Institution’s Buying and Selling Zones” wherein we can understand upfront from where the Institutions Can Buy or Sell.

However, he said that learning just Super Advanced Price Action Concepts is not enough to become a Profitable Professional Trader. So, he suggested some books, and I started reading those books. This is just the beginning of my never-ending learning process.

I started Reading More and More Books related to the topics that were logical to directly or indirectly following Institutions (Because of my Mentor’s First Sentence to me “The Biggest reason 95% of people lose in the market is because they try to compete with Institutions rather than following them”). I read more than 100 Books, and now I have been a Profitable Trader since the year 2019.

My Life was settled and I was enjoying my Trading career, however, after covid, I realized that I should spread this knowledge with as many people as I can. This is How Trade Legend Started on 9th May 2021.

Final Message From My Side

Trading is the Best Career Option in today’s world, but this is not a Quick Rich Scheme, it Is a Pure Business that is possible only if you develop Trading Skills” BECAUSESKILLS KA HI PAISA HAI”. One can build Trading Skills with the help our “TRADE LEGEND PROGRAM”.

I Can assure that if you follow each and every learning that is given in our Program, you will be a Profitable Professional Trader within 3 to 5 Months after understanding and implementing the complete Program.

Lots of our Enrolled Members have achieved results. Till now, I see their messages, video testimonials, etc. It gives me more motivation that I should spread this knowledge to as many people as I can. Not Only This, Recently, I visited a few cities to meet my Enrolled Members, See the Glimpse of Meetup Below:

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Seeing this today still gives me goosebumps because the people who have Enrolled in our ‘Trade Legend Programs’ and have put efforts to practically implement the same have got Results…


See What Our Students are Saying...

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Timings of Live Classes would be from Monday – Friday : 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM

Yes, you will be eligible for the ITC (Input Tax Credit) benefit of GST. To claim it, email within 15 days from the date of enrollment.

No, you can trade using your Smartphone.

Yes, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate.

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Video Lectures can be accessed via the App and the Web/Desktop Portal.

Yes, the program covers Risk Management, Emotion Management, and Money Management.

After 10 days of Enrollment, You have to start attending Trade Planning Sessions.

Yes, the Offline Download option is available on the App, allowing you to download videos and watch them later.

A scanner provides a list of shortlisted stocks with trading opportunities.

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